The camel men of the Thar desert, on the Western fringes of Rajasthan, spend most of their time these days taking tourists on short camel rides into the Sarah-like desert of this region or working as extras in epic movies for Bollywood when the opportunity arises.

The baren sands and scattered population in this area make it unique in a land filled with uniqueness. Tribal women dressed in red and silver, painted houses, their hard mud floors swept spotless by their proud owners and traditions that are some of the most romantic and tragis in all of India are the backdrop for a journey into this difficult area.



Tour companies have very smartly latched on to the value that can be had by offering to take tourists on slow, romantic camel back rides and overnight stays in the desert, where the stars alone make the journey worthwhile.

This story tells about the life of the camelmen, the area they call home and the attractions it holds for visitors.


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